Try an Italian Dinner for this Year’s Holiday Parties

With the arrival of the holiday season and Thanksgiving celebrated just a while ago, we hope that all of you celebrated the way it should be – being thankful for all the people and things you have in your lives. Won’t you agree that good food is a central part of the holiday season that can be enjoyed with the family? Items like lasanga, meatballs, sausages, Italian roast pork and more are must-have items on the holiday menu.


So, what are your plans for Holidays this year, apart from the usual decorations? We are alluding to the holiday meals. Have you thought about it yet? Are you going to cook at home? Or will you be ordering your holiday delectables from a nearby restaurant? If you are a resident of Lambertville in New Jersey, we at, DiNapoli’s Italian Deli and Catering can provide your holiday parties with the best Italian delicacies and specials that you would like to order to make your Holiday party a delicious affair.


We have the resources to cater to events of every size and type. So, if you are planning to call your family and friends home for holiday dinner, food will definitely not be a problem. From paninis to hoagies and all the other Italian specialties, we will have it all prepared to make your Holiday’s dinner, special. And you have to try our meatballs, which are arguably the best in the New Jersey area.


We have won many awards for our food and catering service. Choosing us means delicious Italian food, and at the same time, enjoying the pleasures of holidays, without worrying about cooking for a big group.



Due to our loyal customers, and our growing popularity in recent years we have now planned to move to a new location in New Hope. The move will happen in January 2019 and we promise that the new restaurant will be even bigger and better. For now, we are working from Lambertville. So, make sure you contact us soon with your Holidays catering plans. Check out our catering menu today!!!

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The One-Stop Shop For All Italian Cravings In Lambertville, NJ

Italian chicken cutlet, mozzarella, prosciutto, long hots, roasted peppers, balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil combined together make the renowned and mouth-watering Danny-D Sandwich. That’s the thing with the Italian Cuisine it’s so good that only the ingredients would want you to walk into the awarded Dinapoli’s Italian Deli and Catering Restaurant to get your hands on and the mouth full. We are proud to say that we are the one-stop shop for all your Italian Cravings in Lambertville, New Jersey. Salads, Sandwiches, Paninis, Meatballs, Hoagies, Pizzas, you name it, we have it.


If you are a big fan of Italian cuisine, then you are going to love us. A walk into our Deli is very similar to you walking into a place filled with aromas of Italian spices, freshly made meatballs and coffee for those cold winter days. Not to forget you can enjoy your meatballs sandwich and coffee while listening to Frank Sinatra’s famous singles. If you are a Pizza lover than you ought to try our Margarita Pie, made with Sweet crushed tomato, fresh sliced Mozzarella, grated Romano cheese and finished with fresh basil. Just in case you love us too much then get a one on one time with us, just ask for Danny, Tom or Danielle and we would love to share our journey so far. You’ll feel our passion for our Italian food when you talk to us!

Dinapoli's Family

Now not only can you enjoy our famous Meatballs at our Deli but can also get us to cater your events. Try us to add an extra Italian flavor to your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s events. We have been a part of multiple celebrations, and most recently a finger-licking catering partner to the Princeton University, New Jersey for two of their big events. What makes us different from the rest in the business is the fact that we offer incomparable catering services along with genuine and awarded homemade Italian Food to fill your hunger on.


So in short, Catering in Lambertville, New Jersey with the best meatballs, and relishing the best Pizza in Lambertville, New Jersey, it is us, who is the preferred choice.

Want to uncover more? Take a look at our Facebook and Instagram for daily holiday specials. You can now enjoy any holiday dinner serving up to 10 people with our famous dishes like Antiposta, Italian herbed roasted potatoes, Penne Marinara and choice of Ricotta Cheese Pie or Mini Canolli, all for $89.95 only. Check out our main menu and catering menu for more dishes. Looking to serve you soon!!!

Italian Catering service at Princeton University, New Jersey

We, at DiNapoli’s Italian Deli and Restaurant, have been the ultimate choice of many since our inception. Our unmatched catering services have always been appreciated and relied on in the past. It is our dedication towards offering the best Italian catering in Lambertville and New Hope in NJ that has helped us become a dependable name in the industry. As a matter of fact, it is our commitment to provide Italian dishes of superior quality and great taste that has earned us various awards apart from massive admiration of Italian food lovers.

 We are a part of many celebrations and leave no stone unturned in providing food enthusiasts with the best possible Italian food experience. After providing exemplary services of catering for multiple parties, wedding, and corporate events, this time, it was our turn to give our best for our prestigious client at CMB-S4 Workshop and Office of Population Research 2018 Introduction Party at the Princeton University, New Jersey.

We served vegetarian, vegan, and regular food options. A variety of sandwiches, as well as a vast selection of salads with mixed teas and beverages, became an absolute delight for the Department of Physics and Economics at both the Princeton events. In fact, our hoagie trays, combining the taste of different types of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, oregano, olive oil & vinegar on brick oven baguette, became a highlight among all present.



Baked Artichoke Hearts made with our fresh homemade breadcrumbs, our infamous and awarded Meatballs, Antipasta Trays, Gourmet Fruit Platters, Dessert Fresh Stuffed Canolli Trays, Vegetarian Antipasta Trays, Italian Baguettes and much more on the list of DiNapoli’s menu satisfied the taste buds of Princeton members like never before. Overall, like in the case of every other event, we gained the trust and loyalty of unnumbered individuals who cannot resist lip-smacking Italian food.

Check out the images and videos from the event below and uncover more about our achievements in our news & events section



Make Italian Cuisine a part of your Special Day Celebrations with DiNapoli’s

Do you love eating kinds of pasta or the smell of cheese and cheddar makes you go crazy? It isn’t merely a coincidence because the Italian cuisine despite coming off and away from the borders of New Jersey, has found its niche in the city. If you are a fan and cannot live apart from a slice of pizza, it is time to take your love for the cuisine to the next level.

Not only can you enjoy the best delicacies at DiNapoli’s Italian Deli and Catering but here you get to ‘experience’ the Italian gourmet food without feeling away from home. The new age excellence at DiNapoli’s, having received numerous accolades for the service and method of food preparation, leaves little to the imagination and a lot to snack and gorge. We take the experience a step further – by extensively taking up orders for wedding catering in New Jersey. Provide your guests with an aroma of olive oil and cheese variants, give them the pleasure of eating the most exceptional quality of hoagies, paninis, and other Italian specialties by making us your go-to wedding caterers.

Twist your special day and add the fragrance and colors of the Napolitano heritage that’s been there for centuries. Contact: DiNapoli’s Italian Deli and Catering today!

DiNapoli’s Italian Feast – The best catering service provider in New Jersey

An expansive piece of arranging an occasion rotates around the food you plan on having for your participants. The way towards making sense of the amount of food you need to get ready and choosing the cuisine to serve is sufficiently troublesome. To add to it, preparing and serving it can make things even more upsetting. This is the thing that makes catering services in New Jersey so essential to occasions. If you’re still stuck on choosing the cuisine, think no more! The soul-satiating, lip-smacking Italian food is sure to leave that impeccable impact on your guests that they would end up thinking about your event even after it is long gone!

Not certain what to serve at your event? Not certain how to get ready or present what you need to make? With DiNapoli’s Italian Feast, the best catering service provider in New Jersey, these inquiries will be solved with no difficulty. Our mission is quite simple: to provide the finest quality hoagies, paninis, and Italian specialties that have been part of our Napolitano heritage for centuries. We prepare all of our delicious Italian catering menu items using only high quality, fresh ingredients, which are of utmost importance when it comes to Italian food. So, give us a chance to make your event a memorable one. Browse through our website to reach out to us.

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