Find The Best Italian Fare In Pennsylvania At DiNapoli’s

Are you craving some Italiano this summer? Well, we’re here to help!

Beat the heat with authentic Italian Gelato
You can find ice-cream everywhere in Pennsylvania. But good Gelato, which is generally called ice-cream’s creamier and more flavorful cousin, maybe a little hard to find. But fret not, because we are here to make your summers wonderful with our authentic Italian Gelato. One scoop of this frozen treat will immediately whisk you away to a caffè Carino in the cobbled streets of Tuscany. Take your pick from our classic flavors in addition to some new creative ones.



Nothing says summer like some Philadelphia Water Ice
Thought good water ice is only found in Philly? Well, think again, because we have now brought this mouthwatering dessert right to you, here at New Hope! Water ice, which was brought to Philadelphia by its Italian immigrants, over time became extremely popular all over the country. And really, what’s not to love? A frozen dessert that is both spoonable and slurpable, made using fruit, sugar, and water, and bathed in all the colors of the rainbow! So, you can stay cool this summer by indulging in our special Philadelphia water ice.



Are you hosting a party this summer?
If your answer is yes, then we are proud to say that we have you covered at the venue. Our indoor and outdoor party space is now available for up to 50 people! While you are here, you can also try out our exquisite Italian fare.
If you are planning to party in the comfort of your home, we can help you with that too! Now you can enjoy your parties without sweating it out in the kitchen. Take a look at our Italian catering menu and choose from an assortment of delicious dishes and beverages. Call us today for catering in New Hope, PA or to avail our catering services in NJ.


Our Catering Service
We specialize in delicious and elegant full-service catering. Have an office event? Avail our corporate catering in New Hope, PA. Getting married? Hire our wedding catering in New Hope, PA. Regardless of the event or occasion, we will provide you a high-quality service that will leave you asking for more.
Get in touch with us for catering in New Hope, PA. We also provide catering in Lambertville, NJ. We can assure you that our food will help turn your event from ordinary to extraordinary.

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