New Gluten-Free Italian Market in New Hope, PA

An authentic Italian meal is key to every food enthusiast’s heart. Italian food markets have become a global sensation these days. Italian cuisines focus on necessity, creativity, and passion to make the best out of seasonal vegetables. These dishes just happen to be mouth-watering and health-boosting at the same time. Fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious people cannot get enough of Italian food. Consuming the right portions of gluten-free Italian dishes is the best way of enjoying exotic flavors without worrying about the carbohydrate count. The next time you want to cook Italian food at home, visit our authentic Italian market in New Hope PA and look for the following:-



Italian Cheese

If you are tired of topping your dishes with Mozzarella and Parmesan, Italian cheese can prove to be of great help. They are usually classified by fat-content and are used for adding a strong character to the dishes. This cheese is also used in traditional French and German dishes.

Basil Sauce

Majority of the Italian cuisines use basil sauce as a key ingredient. This sauce mixes well with tomato-based dishes and adds a distinct fragrance to it. A plethora of basil varieties are usually available in the market, but for preparing an authentic Italian meal, it is better to opt for Italian food market delivery in New Hope, PA.

Olive Oil

The true essence of Italian food comes from olive oil. From sauce preparation to salad dressings, olive oil is used in almost every cooking operation. Purchase olive oil from our authentic Italian market to make your meals tasty and healthy.



DiNapoli’s authentic gluten-free Italian market, restaurant, and caterers are bringing the exotic tastes of Italian food to New Hope with the best hoagies and meatballs in Pennsylvania. Check out our menu here.

DiNapoli’s The Italian Food Lover’s Market & Restaurant Has a New Address

New Hope, Pennsylvania opens its arms to DiNapoli’s the Italian Food Craving Eatery

DiNapoli’s, the Italian Market and Catering restaurant is now operating from a new location in New Hope, Pennsylvania. This move happened from its previous location in Lambertville a couple of days ago.

                               dinapolisrestaurant  dinapolisrestaurant

The current address of the Italian market and restaurant is 20 North Main St. New Hope, Pennsylvania, 18938. This new location hasn’t changed the way the Italian market & catering restaurant is known to serve its customers with hard-to-find authentic Italian food. To put it in simple words, the address has changed, the flavors remain the same.

                              dinapolisrestaurant  dinapolisrestaurant

DiNapoli’s, over the years, has earned the reputation of being the most sought after Italian market and restaurant in the area. The market and restaurant located in New Hope has the typical Italian vibe about it. The furniture, the wall art and photographs, and of course the menu feels perfectly Italian. The new place is big enough to seat a large number of customers. So, for patrons who rather not wait to enjoy their paninis, meatballs, and other Italian specialties – there is plenty of room available. The display stocks most of the items available in the restaurant at a particular time. For anything else, customers can contact the friendly staff directly.

                              Napolitano   Italian specialties

DiNapoli’s has been following in the footsteps of its centuries-old Napolitano heritage, and has successfully managed to live up to the expectations of its Italian-food-loving audience through the years. It is an Italian market and catering restaurant that is known amongst its customers for using and providing fresh, high-quality ingredients in all its preparations. There is no better place in New Hope to shop for Italian specialties, gluten-free pizza, and gluten-free pasta in addition to other Italian food than DiNapoli’s. The Italian market and catering restaurant takes special care of providing healthy Italian food to its growing list of customers and vows to continue adding to and improving the menu in the time to come. It is a great place for every Italian food lover to enjoy what they like in the company of their loved ones and a warm and courteous staff.

                            Italian food   courteous

To know more about the new location and the menu, browse through our website and contact us with your queries. You can also read what the customers are saying about our new place on TripAdvisor.